Avalanche Classes


PPG has been offering avalanche education for over 14 years, and have been an AIARE course provider since 2004. Our courses are taught to the American Avalanche Association and American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education standards.

Backcountry skills/ avalanche rescue course

This two day course will cover trip planning, avalanche safety and companion rescue, backcountry equipment use and repair, as well as uphill and downhill ski/travel techniques. Learn to anticipate and know when entering avalanche terrain. Understand avalanche rescue principles, and gear. Practice companion rescue process and techniques.


Two day course. Day one will involve classroom time, beacon introduction and practice outside at Ponderosa State Park. Day two, travel to Lick Creek Summit Yurts for backcountry powder tour, rescue practice and scenarios.

Dates/ Rates

December 28 - 29 $260

AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Course – Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain

This course provides 24 hours of education over a three day period. We will focus on avalanche terrain identification, learn and practice safe travel techniques, practice rescue scenarios, monitor changes in the snowpack while traveling in the backcountry, learn to make and record appropriate field observations, and practice developing a trip plan and choosing appropriate terrain before heading into the backcountry.


We offer a town-based course with day trips to the Lick Creek Summit Yurt, and a yurt-based course.

Day one of the town-based course will be in the classroom, with outdoor practice sprinkled in. Day two and three we will travel by snowcat to Lick Creek Summit, at 7,000 feet in elevation, for field sessions hiking into higher terrain.

Our yurt-based course is a three day / two night trip at the PPG Lick Creek Summit Yurts. We will spend three days living in the classroom of the West Central Mountains. Meals are provided, and snowcat transportation is included, allowing us to spend more time at elevation touring this incredible learning environment.


December 8-10 $385 McCall with Field Trips to Lick Creek Summit
December 15-17 $385 McCall with Field Trips to Lick Creek Summit
January 19-21 $685 Lick Creek Summit Yurts
February 2-4 $685 Lick Creek Summit Yurts

AIARE Level 2 Avalanche Course – Evaluating Snow Stability & Avalanche Hazard

The AIARE 2 course is a four day program that provides backcountry leaders the opportunity to advance their avalanche knowledge and decision making skills.

This The AIARE 2 course builds from the introductory avalanche hazard management model introduced in the Level 1 and adds to it the evaluation of factors critical to stability evaluation. Outcomes for the AIARE 2 include: advancement of understanding of avalanche terrain, particularly from the perspective of stability analysis; discussion on how the snowpack develops and metamorphoses over time; discussion on the factors that contribute to spatial variability; and learning standard observation guidelines and recording formats for factors that influence or indicate snow stability (SWAG MODULE); advancement of understanding of avalanche release and triggering mechanisms; introduction into snow stability analysis and forecasting framework; Advanced improvement of companion rescue skills including multiple and deep burials.


This is a yurt-based course with one day in the classroom in McCall and three days at the Lick Creek Summit Yurt. Course materials, SWAG and Avalanche Handbook are included, as well as meals and transportation to/from the yurt. No need to book a room in town, or spend money eating out! We will live and learn the procedures and protocols that professional use on a daily basis.


February 26- March 1 $850